Sustainable Business

Auzcon treats safety, quality, environmental, community, sustainability and economics and governance as core Company values 



Auzcon promotes a culture that places the safety of its clients, the community and employee’s above all other aspects. As without these important components, we would not have a sustainable business.



Auzcon is committed to quality through continuous improvement through all elements of the job process from concept, to construction, to hand-over.
Along with other key business sustainable practices Auzcon achieves this through an in house Quality Management System.  This includes procedures of construction services including design, documentation and administration of contracts.




Auzcon is committed to understanding the impacts our resources and services have on the environment and mitigating these through sound work practises. To mitigate these impacts, procedures and disciplines are developed and implemented at different levels of the organisation. These procedures ensure we minimise the impact within our works, but also are able to meet the expectations of stringent legislation and increased stakeholder concern.



Auzcon strives to make a difference within the community, with regards to suppliers, businesses, clients, staff and residents.Auzcon is Community.




Auzcon strives to increase sustainable practises on the projects that we deliver within our company.


Economics and Governance


Auzcon strives to increase sustainable practises on the financial aspects of projects, and the business.